Kathmandu The City Of Temples

kathmandu city of temples

Kathmandu, The City of Temples as popularly known over the world and with 4 world heritage enlisted within the district. Kathmandu is one of the three districts of Kathmandu Valley with the most densely populated district of Nepal as well as Capital of Nepal. The District has a big history according to Hindu and Buddhist Religion point of view. According to the Hindu point of view, There was a Big Lake named Nag Daha and a great monster who had blocked the River from flowing and Lord Krishna Came from Mathura with his disciples and killed the monster so that the water can flow and a big Valley was formed Lord Krishna made his disciple and the King of the place and slowly Human began to settle there. Now Looking at the Buddhist point of view there was a Great Lake named Nagdaha and Manjushree (The Buddhist Who Came From Tibet), Used his sword and cut the Chobar Hill from which the water drained away and the Kathmandu Valley was formed.

Then in Kathmandu, many Kings of Different dynasties had ruled here till Shah Dynasty the list of the monarch’s dynasties are

1.Gopal Dynasty

2. Mahispal Dynasty

3.Kirant Dynasty

4.Licchavi Dynasty

5. Malla Dynasty

5. Shah Dynasty

Nepal has only one International Airport and that is Tribhuwan International Airport which lies in the Kathmandu District with a really good environment inside the Airport but outside the Airport there is a City full of dust and waste materials. But the government body assigned for sanitation is looking forward to cleaning the city. There are a ton of Money Exchange Centers in the City but we request you to only exchange the currency where they give you the accurate rates or you will lose your money. You will also know the reason why people call Kathmandu The City Of Temples. Besides all of these, there are many places you will find it interesting such as 

  1. Bhrikutimandap
  2. Basantapur Durbar
  3. Whoopee Land
  4. Pashupatinath
  5. Swoyambunath
  6. Singha Durbar
  7. Boudhanath
  8. Jamal
  9. Aviation Museum 
  10. Narayanhiti Museum
  11. Kirtipur 
  12. Chobar
  13. Sundarijal

In Kathmandu, there are many top-rated hotels and other guesthouses which will serve you with absolutely great hospitality and proper honor. The Most Top Rated Hotels that you can choose to stay in are given below.

  1. Soaltee Crown Plaza
  2. Hotel Annapurna
  3. Dwarika’ Hotel
  4. Hotel Yak & Yeti
  5. Hyatt Regency Kathmandu
a wonderful hotel at kathmandu city of temple

These are one of the best hotels in Kathmandu which have a great review and good hospitality and they look forward to the customer’s satisfaction. But Staying at these kinds of Hotel they will charge you around 200 dollars for a day or more. If you have a small budget then you can search for some good hotels with good reviews and a perfect budget hotel for your trip to Kathmandu.

Nowadays in Kathmandu, you can see different events such as Cosplays, Otaku Jatra and Many More. The Most Recent Event that is going to happen is the 2nd Nepal Esports Championship Tournament For Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 and not only that the winner of the Tournament will be selected as the Team Nepal and represent Nepal in International Esports Championship in Seoul South Korea. The event is said to be scheduled for 24th and 25th of Bhadra. For getting Events Information you can see it in https://www.eventsinnepal.com/.

At last, Kathmandu is a beautiful city with a whole lot of mysteries that you can experience when you come here.