Lumbini – Birthplace of Gautam Buddha


Lumbini one of the city of Nepal in Rupandehi District. This is the holiest site of Buddhist from all over the world. The reason is Gautam Buddha “Light of Asia” was born on Lumbini in 11th Century BC. In 2020 Wednesday, May 6 Buddha’s Birthday in Nepal but the date may vary.

Talking in short according to Buddhist tradition the queen Mahamayadevi gave birth to a boy who got amazingly got knowledge about many things and became Gautam Buddha. Lumbini City has many old temple and monasteries which are reconstructed. For the reconstruction many governmental as well as non-governmental organization funded.

Places to Visit In Lumbini / Attractions in Lumbini

1. Maya Devi Temple

1. Maya Devi Temple Lumbini

It is the heart of Lumbini and the must site to visit if you are planning to visit. It the place where Queen Maya Devi gave birth to Gautam Buddha. The Ashoka Pillar is also next to it. The Naya Devi Temple is surrounded by the greenery of the garden. If you are planning to click pictures inside Maya Devi Temple then it’s not possible. There is a pond next to Maya Devi Temple which gives different look to Maya Devi Temple.

2. World Peace Pagoda

2. World Peace Pagoda Lumbini

Another beautiful piece of art present in Lumbini is World Peace Pagoda which determines the sign of peace in the whole world. World Peace Pagoda was made by Japanese Buddhists at the cost of $1 million. It is one of the greatest stupas in the World. You get a very good view of the forest from the top of World Peace Pagoda.

3. Myanmar Golden Temple

3. Myanmar Golden Temple Lumbini

By the name you might be well known the temple is Golden in colour. It is the oldest structures in its compound. It is corn cob-shaped Temple having a huge base. We are allowed to take pictures of Myanmar Golden Temple from outside. But we can’t go inside the temple.

4. Eternal Peace Flame

4. Eternal Peace Flame Lumbini

The Eternal Peace Flame of Lumbini is not only the Eternal Peace Flame in the world. But the special thing is. It was the Flame which was burned in the birth of Gautam Buddha. Till now the Flame hasn’t gone off. It keeps on glowing in every climatic condition. Which is a mysterious thing for normal people! Also, the Best Place to Visit in Lumbini.